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Downtown Kenosha is all a Buzz

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Downtown Kenosha is all a Buzz

Have you heard the latest buzz around Downtown Kenosha? I heard the scoop on Facebook. For all the things that make me crazy about social media (the complainers, the pictures of people’s feet by the beach, the Packers vs. Bears rivalry posts, and so on…) there are also a million GREAT things about social media. One example is that my pal Riki, manager at Sazzy B, posted about a pop-up/soft opening of the group’s new venue THE BUZZ about two weeks ago.

The French Connection Breakfast Sandwich at The Buzz Cafe in Downtown Kenosha WisconsinRiki posted at 6:32 (if you know Riki, you will agree that his being awake at this hour is a small miracle) that The Buzz, located just north of Sazzy B, would be open beginning at 7 a.m. Very important information in his post included the words coffee, breakfast, beer, and wine. Why is life better Buzzed? Well, this new venue will serve gourmet coffee and breakfast sandwiches (I snagged The French Connection on wheat – crisp bacon, brie, and apple butter. Amazing.) during the morning. At lunch, the space shifts to Panini sandwiches, specialty meats and cheeses, small plates, craft beers and small vineyard wines. All the wines they carry will be available to enjoy in the restaurant or to purchase to take home. Let me reiterate: THEY HAVE LOTS OF BEER AND WINE. BEER. WINE. Do I need to tell you more?

I suppose I should tell you more. The venue is now open 7 days a week - SCORE! If you love Sazzy B, you’re going to fall hard for The Buzz. The atmosphere is amazing – contemporary, yet cozy. The staff rocks – super helpful and knowledgeable. And from what I can tell so far, the eats and drinks are going to measure up to what we expect from owner Paul Campagna and his crew of restaurant masterminds.

Tables at The Buzz Cafe in Downtown Kenosha were custom made from reclaimed materials from a former downtown buildingOne other cool connection that this new venue has to historic Downtown Kenosha is that the table tops, shelves, and bar top were all created with reclaimed materials from the Frank L. Wells property. The Wells building was recently taken down and the site will be a new housing complex. I absolutely LOVE the look of all the custom-made furniture and the nod to a former downtown industry!

Since that first visit two weeks ago, I've eaten at The Buzz at least 4 more times. Life really IS better Buzzed. 


The Buzz
5621 6th Avenue
Kenosha, WI 53140
(262) 925-8499