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Heavenly Harborside Hangouts

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Heavenly Harborside Hangouts

If you visit the Kenosha area in the dead of winter, you’d find it hard to believe that the temperatures ever become warm. Contrary to popular belief, though, Downtown Kenosha becomes a destination of choice during the summer months. Whether you are one of thousands at lakefront festivals or enjoy some alone time at one of our beaches, Downtown K-Town is almost a tropical destination.

The Coffee Pot's Garden of Eatin Downtown Kenosha WIIf you’re sitting under a palm tree, surrounded by flowers and sipping on a Bloody Mary while enjoying breakfast, chances are good that you are at the northern-most “Key.” Julie and Janice, owners at The Coffee Pot joke that Key-Nosha is the sister to the Florida Keys. When you’re chatting with others in the Garden of Eatin’ at this popular diner, it’s not hard to forget that you’re not really on vacation! The same could be said of The Breakwater Bar & Grill at the Kenosha Yacht Club. Dinner and cocktails on their deck or lawn seating give you a great view of sailing lessons, boats coming in and out of the harbor, and a different perspective of Downtown Kenosha. As boats pull up to the restaurant’s docks, you can’t help put sing a little Jimmy Buffet to yourself.

Simmons Island Beach in Downtown Kenosha WIOther lakefront favorites include Harboside Common Grounds, the Boat House Pub & Eatery, Ashling on the Lough (which, while we are talking about Loughs…. This is the Anglo-Irish spelling of Loch. Loch translates to Lake and is pronounced LOCK, like Loch Ness Monster). And speaking of lakes, you can't beat our view of Lake Michigan in Downtown Kenosha. There are days that the lake is a perfect turqoise blue making it look more and more like an ocean. So much of our lakefront is publicly accessible, too. Pennoyer Park, Simmons Island, and Eichelman Park all offer great beaches for you to enjoy at no charge. And those are just the beaches - there are at least another half dozen parks, splash pads and fountains, fishing piers, and festival spaces to enjoy, too!

I cannot help but feel like Downtown Kenosha is our own little slice of heaven on a warm summer day, with the breeze blowing off the lake. Where is your favorite place to enjoy our fantastic view?


The Coffee Pot
4914 7th Avenue
(262) 653-8849

The Breakwater Bar & Grill
5130 4th Avenue
(262) 657-5300

Harborside Common Grounds
5159 6th Avenue
(262) 652-5111

Boat House Pub & Eatery
4917 7th Avenue
(262) 654-9922

Ashling on the Lough
125 56th Street
(262) 653-0500