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A shopping spree in Downtown Kenosha is, well, something different. Especially when you stop in the eclectic sports memorabilia shop at 5716 Sixth Avenue called Something Different. From bobble heads, board games, and fishing lures to snack helmets, lamps, and steering wheel covers, there’s something that will appeal to you with your favorite team’s logo on it. Owner Daniel Brown refers to his shop as a “Sports Fan Fantasyland! Any season – any sport – we’ve got your team!”

The business started in 1996, and it’s been in the same location since September 1997. It began as a store offering a little bit of everything, thus its name “Something Different.” Then Super Bowl XXXI happened – with a Green Bay Packers victory. The rest, as they say, is history. Daniel started selling championship merchandise, and soon his customers kept asking for more and more. They wanted Denver Broncos gear, they wanted San Francisco 49ers gear. So he started offering bumper stickers, coffee cups, and more sports merchandise. The business “grew into what it is today.” Tongue-in-cheek, he calls it the “absolute jaw-dropping, best place to buy sports memorabilia.”

All the sports are displayed throughout the year, regardless of the season. The NFL, Major League Baseball, NBA, and NHL – all are represented. The shop also carries a bit of NASCAR and college merchandise. Some non-sports related merchandise is also carried such as movies, movie posters, touch lamps, and Kenosha shirts. Daniel acquires his inventory in various ways - at trade shows, catalogs, via email, and “16 years of research, contacts”.

He couldn’t – or wouldn’t – say if he sells more Bears or Packers merchandise. When asked which team he is a fan of, he diplomatically replied “football”. It’s later learned he has been to three Packer games (two were against the Bears at Soldier Field), and was preparing to go to his fourth at the time of the interview. Of all sports, he personally prefers football.

There’s anything and everything with a sports logo inside Something Different. Of course, a full line of Cheeseheads hats is available, including the sombrero, police, cowboy, and firefighter styles. Other fashion accessories such as purses, necklaces, earrings, silky team scarfs, nylon wallets, ties, and sunglasses are offered. The pets aren’t forgotten: pet collars, jerseys, scarfs, and leashes are in supply.

Home accessories include pennants (including a ‘house divided’ Bear/Packer one), flags, windsocks, a variety of signs, fan zone caution barricades, coffee tables, end tables, stools, curio cabinets, pillows, lamps, media organizers, and soap dispensers. Planning a football party? There are snack helmets, plates, napkins, cups, straws, and more. Then there are the fishing lures, bobble heads, board games (Connect 4, Monopoly, Scrabble, Tic Tac Toe, Cribbage), team gnomes, banks, steering wheel covers, ornaments, ice scrapers, and hospital scrubs. And not to be left out: Pro Toast Elite – which produces toast with your team’s logo on it!! The list goes on and on.

Daniel sees sports fanatics day in and day out (online sales are also available). He would know if he sees one, as he is one! He has a sports merchandise-filled home – the rec room, the man cave basement, and he admits it’s “bleeding a little bit” into the rest of house including the living room. His wife doesn’t seem to mind as she’s a sports fan too. He was asked what his favorite item is in his shop – an item he wishes he could take home. He said that would be impossible as his favorite is “customers”.

Go Badgers! Go Bears! Go Packers! Go Blackhawks! Go Brewers! Go Cubs! Go White Sox! Go Bucks! Go Bulls! Go right into Something Different next time you’re in Kenosha! | October 2013

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Address: 5716 Sixth Avenue, Downtown Kenosha
Phone: (262) 658-3565
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